We use some of the finest ingredients and the finest Belgian Milk and White Chocolate to create our Barfi Filled Bonbons

Explore our range of flavours below.

Plain Barfi Bonbon

Homemade Plain Barfi With A Hint Of Nutmeg Inside A Chocolate Dome.

Coconut Cup

Open Dark Chocolate Cup Filled With Classic Coconut Barfi, Topped With A Pistachio Nut.

Almond Barfi Bonbon

Milk Chocolate Shell With A Homemade Almond Barfi Filling.

Jalebi Bonbon

A White Chocolate Dome Filled With Traditional Crispy Jalebi.

Caramel Crumb Date Ball

Caramel Biscuit Covered Date Ball, Covered In Gold Wrapping. (Gold Wrapping Is Not Edible).

Pistachio Barfi Bonbon

A Milk Chocolate Shell With A Homemade Pistachio And Cardamom Barfi Filling.