About Us

Barfi Bites was founded by Minesh Patel and has been a successful concept since inception. It is a business with quality and service at the forefront of its operation.

The Idea

Minesh is different, he is unique and likes to go over and above in any scenario. It was about a year ago when he was yet again faced with the age old dilemma of finding a gift to take to a dinner party. There’s the usual stuff right; bottle of bubbly with flowers, a box of luxurious chocolates or a box of Barfi (India Sweets)…BORING. It was at that point the penny dropped and the idea made its way into Minesh’s head. Combining two elements that are loved amongst our nation…CHOCOLATE & BARFI but with a luxury twist. For months and months the idea festered in his brain to the point of day dreaming at work and suffering insomnia. He eventually put pen to paper (often at silly o’clock in the morning) and began creating the virtual concept. He floated the idea amongst friends and family who throughout the whole time were extremely supportive in his vision that would one day become a reality. Some 5 months later…it did! He got to work in his Mum’s kitchen putting together designs and recipes that would become his unique business offering. After many failed and successful creations, a small portfolio of products and designs was created and Barfi Bites as a business was finally launched.

Our Mission

We want to create that extra special unique offering for every customer. We aim to provide products that are aesthetically pleasing without compromising on quality and taste. We strive to provide a service that is second to none so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Future Vision

It would be great to be market leaders in any field but that is not the aim. In the next year we want to continue to expand the product range and offer more flavours of our Barfi Bites. We are also currently developing a new product that will perfectly complement our current range.